COPTUTTO-SCRITTOe-book  published


Paperback published




In the 1979s, I moved to Paris where I started a miserable model career, when I realized that it was not the beauty they were looking for, then I moved to London 1982. In England I was cheated by love and I moved to Sweden 1984 where I studied both as author writer and as a slacker. Graduated in Theology at the University of Stockholm. Now I live in London and I like working as publisher and when I have no one who wants to be publish from me, I take care my own books. I’m fifty-five years old, perhaps therefore I have no more hair. My nose type look more Jewish than Italian. Mouth, beautifully designed. Around the mouth I never had facial decorations. Chin, jaw and ears, are regular. The complexion is olive slightly but welcomes good tan. I’m six feet tall, and my weight is around seventy-eight kilos. I moved back to London 2016, my only hobby consisted into living a good life, to overcome the difficulties of existence. In this epoch all young artists have a nice looking and usually I was the same. It is more difficult to maintain an attractive appearance on my age, and perhaps I manage. My mother was from Calabria and she looked like a typical woman from South Italy, especially in the eyes. My eyes resemble those of my mother, but do not resemble those of my father. I have an interesting voice and I speak good Italian. Who knows what people expect of my character and my nature. I hope it will emerge from this description just as it does from a painted image. You would see that I’m strong and consistent, and I’m faithful with friends and love. Therefore I have never been a playboy or a libertine. I’m patient and tolerant, at times with uncontrolled passion. I like to provoke people, but I’m respectful of others’ opinions without surrender or come to terms with what I think and feel. I like to give more than to receive.

Someone accuses me of being “kindly”, and I understand that from a certain point of view this can be a constraint, especially among people suspicious and wary. However, even though I am nice I do not cheat anybody, I do not see why I should be obnoxious. I like to dress in a normal way, if it’s possible, but without refinement. I like to eat nutritious healthy food. I drink water regularly. Little or no wine. I like to read, study, write and see works of art. I love the secret art, the works not famous, hidden in the provincial museums or in some attic or remote suburban town. I go to the movies very little, little theater, except opera the work that I love and whose show I like to assist; as scenographer, of course.





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