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Our Publishing and Book Marketing Strategy

Come to us with your manuscript and let us do the rest. The Concierge service includes the following:

  1. a proofread of your manuscript

  2. book cover design and branding

  3. publication of your book with our imprint Clink Street Publishing, or through one of our affiliates, if your prefer.

  4. ebook and paperback (hardback is also available) through Clink Street Publishing, we provide our clients with the best royalties anywhere: 75% of net receipts no matter where your book is sold. Your book will also have an ISBN and benefit from global online distribution through Amazon, B&N, Waterstones, etc.

  5. the ebook version of your book will be distributed in all formats (Kobo, Kindle, iBook, etc.)

  6. sensible retail price (very important, if your book is too much, no one will buy it)

  7. you will have a project manager as a consistent point of contact: throughout the process, you will have regular meetings with your Concierge Manager, who is always on hand to offer advice about anything from the use of a pen name to your book title to the appropriate retail price for your book.

  8. eight-week UK and US book marketing campaigns, which includes media coaching and weekly updates on media interest in your book. Every part of the publication process will be aimed at making your book marketable and saleable.

Many authors are surprised by just how many questions crop up in their publishing journey. Our Concierge author clients receive our best professional advice from day one. We are available throughout the author’s self publishing journey, for as long as it takes. It might take five months, it might take a year. We have worked with Concierge authors for anything from four months to over a year, at no extra cost.




Send an e-mail to the drafting describing in brief your work.

If I like the idea I will send the draft to evaluate the content.

If your work is considered of interest to us, contact you to evaluate together the types of publication:

eBook version, Media-Book version.

INNEDE will send you a publishing deal.

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Following a positive response my staff will:

  make the realization of the cover;

activity-reading and editing correction;

pagination of the eBook version;

the realization of your mini-site (you can send photos to be included, news about you, news of other publications, etc).

The output of your book is supported by Newsletters and E-Mail.

INNEDE assigns an ISBN to your book so that it will fit in the global catalog books online.

Your work is advertised on  our website and in the Showcase of Latest Releases for 15 days; Periodically it makes a relaunch campaign.

Your work is advertised in the network through social-forum, advertisements etc.

Your work will be sold via the d INNEDE site, but also that of the main national and international Amazon stores.


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Catalogue INNEDE

Catalog of books on the market-Publication in my site-publication on major national and international stores



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Cover eBook- Impaginazione- Customized Web Page



Newsletter to my equipment-items in my Forum- Home page of my site and Showcase Latest Releases

 ISBN Code 


The ISBN allows work to be included in the global catalog of books on the market. INNEDE as a publisher has the authority to give each its publication this unique code, which also ensures greater commercialization of the work in the various libraries and authorized outlets.

You will earn 10% on sales of ‘e-book

INNEDE offers a variety of additional services of quality at a very convenient price!


Every author needs an editor; every book needs an edit.

A good edit can transform a manuscript, turning ordinary into extraordinary. Editing yourself is almost impossible – bestselling authors would never dream of attempting it – so hiring an experienced editor is a really sound investment in the future of your book, if you want your writing to be the very best it can be.

There are three different types of edit and editor, all of which Authoright can provide:

Structural Edit: this is an intense, almost forensic assessment of every aspect of the manuscript – the narrative, vocabulary, structure, characterisation, style and development. The editor will look for errors and inconsistencies, areas which may confuse the reader, plot holes, irritating writing quirks and uninspiring, underdeveloped or unrealistic characters, scenarios and use of language. The structural editor uses their considerable knowledge of the craft of creative writing to bring the best out of a manuscript, combined with the benefits of their finely-tuned commercial awareness.

Copy Edit: A copy edit is not as intense as a structural edit but it’s by no means less important. A good copy editor will have an eagle eye for detail, identifying errors in grammar and spelling as well as inconsistencies of tone or terminology, flagging up elements of the narrative and the story’s trajectory that don’t work. Many editors will undertake the structural edit and the copy edit simultaneously, although some traditional publishing houses keep them completely separate.

Proofread: the last link in the editing chain, and essentially the final comprehensive inspection of the manuscript, where the editor checks for any errors that may have been missed in the previous in-depth edits. The proofread will polish the manuscript to perfection, or thereabouts.

It can be difficult for the same editor to undertake multiple revisions of the same manuscript, because, being human, they can begin to overlook tiny errors once they have grown used to a particular manuscript. Ideally, the editor performing the final proofread should be different to the editor who worked on the structural and copy editing.


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